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Craft CMS is a content management system for building bespoke website projects. Friendly Captcha protects Craft CMS from spam and bots.
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Tired of clicking on cars?

Friendly Captcha is the user-friendly way to stop spam and bots - no labeling needed.

Get rid of annoying labeling tasks. Make spam protection easy and privacy compliant.

Happy users, increased conversion rates

With Friendly Captcha no user tasks are needed. It runs automatically in the background.

Fully accessible and WCAG compliant

Don’t exclude any users, Friendly Captcha is entirely barrier-free.

Privacy compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and PIPL

Friendly Captcha protects users’ privacy at the highest level of data protection.

European servers for maximum data protection

Ensure that your customers’ personal data remains in the EU.

The Captcha for Craft CMS

How the integration works


Create a Friendly Captcha account

Creating an account is completely free, all you need is a valid email address and you’re ready to go. Choose a plan that covers your needs. The first 30 days are free of charge.


Create an 'Application' to get a sitekey

Create an application in the Friendly Captcha dashboard to get a sitekey for your integration, as shown in the screenshot below.


Create an API key to interact with the API

Create an API key in the Friendly Captcha dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below.
Please make sure to copy and save the API key as you can only access it once.


Complete your billing details

To ensure that your account remains functional after the 30-day trial period, make sure to enter your billing information in the Friendly Captcha dashboard.

You can adjust and cancel your Friendly Captcha plan online at any time.


Install the Friendly Captcha plugin in Craft

Get the Friendly Captcha plugin for Craft and install it.


Connect Friendly Captcha with Craft

To finish the integration, access the Friendly Captcha plugin settings in Craft and paste the Sitekey generated in step 2 and the API key generated in step 3 into the respective fields.

The Friendly Captcha widget will appear in your Craft frontend.

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To verify that the integration is working properly, check out this step-by-step manual from our support website.

Friendly Captcha offers packages for any size of business based on the number of puzzle requests. You can find our plans and pricing models here.

Yes, absolutely. In order to get started, you can create a Friendly Captcha account here and take advantage of a 30-day trial period.

Create a Friendly Captcha account here and get a free 30 day trial. Then share the link to the Friendly Captcha documentation with your developer:

Yes, Friendly Captcha is successfully used by a large variety of well-known corporations, governments and organizations. Contact us to learn more about our enterprise options.

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