The privacy-first anti-bot solution

GDPR-Compliant Captcha

Other providers are adapting their business models to comply with new privacy laws. At Friendly Captcha, privacy is our business model.

Our solution employs a fundamentally new approach to spam and bot prevention and does not depend on tracking users and exploiting personal data.

How we ensure
GDPR compliance

Designed for security

We are a security provider, and we serve that purpose only. We do not use any information for other purposes such as marketing.

No personal information

Our anti-bot service adheres to the highest German privacy standards and does not store personal data from your end users.

No cookies

Friendly Captcha does not use HTTP cookies and does not store any data in the browser’s persistent storage.

Minimized data collection

We keep data collection to a minimum. We measure only the data points essential for protection and nothing else.

No discrimination

Normal CAPTCHA tasks are not easy for all humans. Our solution works without labeling tasks and is thus accessible to everyone.

Local data processing

By default, requests are processed in the point-of-presence closest to where it is accessed by the end user.

See our privacy policy for end users to learn more.

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