A strong partnership

SC-Networks + Friendly Captcha

Friendly Captcha is a privacy-first anti-bot solution. SC-Networks is behind the intelligent marketing automation platform Evalanche. It offers marketing and sales a flexible and powerful solution – from email marketing to marketing automation and lead management.

Together we offer you a 30-day free trial to defend your Evalanche forms and other online services from spam and bots with the highest German quality and data protection standards.

Defend against bots

Based on the underlying mechanisms of the blockchain, Friendly Captcha deters spam and abuse consistently.

Protect your users' privacy

Friendly Captcha is privacy-first and fully GDPR-compliant. We neither use cookies nor do we store personal data from users.

Improve user experience

Friendly Captcha is completely automated and fully accessible. Your users no longer have to deal with tedious labeling tasks.

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