The user-friendly CAPTCHA alternative

Friendly Captcha is different

Secure captcha

The problem with other CAPTCHAs

Non-accessible captcha


Normal CAPTCHA tasks are not easy for all humans. Those with poor eyesight, hearing or even using a screenreader may struggle to perform the tasks and are delayed or even denied access.

Inconvenient captcha

Usability and conversion

Nobody wants to label cars when all they wanted to do is post a comment. Every second spent labeling images is an opportunity for a visitor to give up on your website.

Privacy-critical captcha


The most popular CAPTCHA system, Google ReCAPTCHA depends on tracking users and collecting user data across the internet. This is a price that you are forcing your users to pay in order to use your website. They can not opt out.

Bandwidth-intensive captcha


Solving a full ReCAPTCHA challenge takes up to 2MB of bandwidth, which is a lot for users on a limited data plan.

Unsafe captcha

It's broken

Tasks that are easy for all humans but difficult for computers may no longer exist. Using machine learning or even browser plugins one can solve ReCAPTCHA in under a second. There are even CAPTCHA solving companies that offer thousands of solves for $1. Normal CAPTCHAs are no longer effective at distinguishing users from bots.

Captcha blocking VPNs

VPN users get punished

ReCAPTCHA can not be reached consistently from certain countries such as China without a VPN. VPN users have to complete a never-ending amount of labeling tasks because they are harder to track for Google's anti-bot protection.

Cryptography made simple

The new solution to prevent spam and abuse.

Friendly Captcha is a proof-of-work based solution in which the user’s device does all the work.

Friendly Captcha generates a unique crypto puzzle for each visitor. As soon as the user starts filling a form it starts getting solved automatically. Solving it will usually take a few seconds. By the time the user is ready to submit, the puzzle is probably already solved.

Use the sample form to experience Friendly Captcha in action.

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